Friday, 22 October 2010


Film trailers often use music from existing films, as they are put together long before the music is composed. They use music or songs appropriate to the genre, and often use several different tracks depending on the particular moment in the trailer. Like in a horror or thriller movie, a fast-paced/rock genre music would be used to connotate the eeiriness and pace of the film.

I have decided to use Muse-Hysteria' within the horror trailer as it is very fast paced as relates well to the trailer. It is the type of music you expect to be played in the background of a horror trailer.

I have currently e-mail Rich Costey who is the record producer of Muse, asking for permission to feature their music on my trailer. Just in case of copyright terms and conditions.

Hysteria by Muse has currently featured inthe film "Millions"by the famous Danny Boyle. It had two Muse songs in it. I think the song will relate better to my trailer because of the horror genre, whereas Millions is a comedy/family/drama genre.

Hysteria is also featured on the Guerlain perfume advertisement with Hilary Swank. But, I still think it sounds better and attracts the audience alot more when combined with a suspenseful/tense trailer.

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