Sunday, 14 November 2010


    So, so far we've managed to film a lot of scenes and put together 45 seconds of final film. This part of the filming is the equilibrium - the 'happy' bit. Starting the editing wasn't that bad as we all worked as a group and made decisions together.

    We've had a problem with the weather lately, due to the heavy snow that has been falling. So we had to put off filming for about 2 weeks, which wasn't so good!

    But we managed to film quite a rangle of angles, and shot didtances for our trailer. Although a lot of them won't be used or are too amateur, it's better to have more than not enough.
    We've used quite a few locations so far in our filming: Jen's house, Heworth grange School, Leam park, and Heworth Grange CLC.
    We're all happy so far with the outcome, and there are some hilairious outtakes i need to put up... I'll keep you posted!

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