Wednesday, 2 February 2011


So far we've completely finished the equilibrium part of the horror trailer, and we are still in the process of filming the last few bits of the disequilibrium. We've completed the main scenes and are still filming a few little short scenes of the boys being tortured. These little short scenes will add huge impact if we get them perfect. As the little things count as well! We had a few problems with the location we started filming the torture scene in. The location was a small forest next to a housing estate. You couldn't see the houses through the dense trees, but unfortunately some of the trees are beginning to be chopped down by the council, this could affect our filming as the lighting before hand was perfect and now this may make the scenes lighter. Also, with the temperatures of Newcastle being so cold during the winter period, we could only film in short bursts so that the actors didn't freeze. Furthermore, Ryan one of our boys being tortured, was a great help and we got his scene filmed within 30 minutes with only a few outtakes! It's good when we begin to see good progress with our filming and the filming is coming along great!

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