Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Audience feedback is a very imperative part of the reflection and creation process. The main goal in film making is to sell a product to the target audience. Therefore, when the audience give feedback on the piece that was shown, it is crucial it is recorded as this would allow us to further please the audience.

In our early stages of research we found that the most popular age group to base our horror trailer at was 15 – 25 year olds, and therefore decided that this would be our target audience. In addition, we produced a questionnaire before starting our project in order to appeal to our audience, as we could have things that they wanted to see.

On the completion of out horror trailer we created a hybrid questionnaire and distributed it to a large group of our model, target audience during the viewing of our trailer. We did this as we felt it would work to our advantage as it would gather essential feedback from our target audience.

What did you think of our horror trailer / Why do you feel this way?
>'Very Good; I think the shot where the legs are hanging is really dramatic and the range of shots fit the genre.'
>'Good; It looks like a real horror trailer.'

Did the trailer make sense without giving too much away?

>'Sometimes it got a bit confusing but i think that is because it didn't give too much away. '

>'It didn't give too much away because you didn't really see the killer.'

I think that the audience screening worked well as it helped us understand the good things and the limitations of the horror trailer we made. It also gave us an insight into what our audience actually thought about the horror trailer as a finished product.

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