Monday, 15 March 2010


Indie band ‘The Photographers’ have announced they are to call it a day, just months after achieving a top 10 album in the UK!
The photographers had a smashing success in 2008 with ‘Shameful Nightmare’ only for their success to be turned on its head, and now they’ve split.
After the tragic split of legendary band The Photographers, an event for which she herself is responsible, Jane Lynxx admits that her thoughts are no longer looming over the carcass of the band or her brother, James Lynxx. Jane said the following on the matter: “I’m having a good time trying to become an actor, and the support from my fans has been great. I’m looking forward to doing my own thing, bringing out my own music. I’m glad that’s what people want to hear. I am not thinking about much else, The Photographers or James; I’m just having a good time.”

The so-called ‘unbreakable’ bond between Jane and James has been broken. The major fall out was all down to James’ corruption to Jane and the band.

The pitiful oxford graduate - who made no secret of announcing his emotions about sister Jane, left her feeling low and such a lack of self esteem. He broadcasted to paparazzi secrets of Jane’s past, and said she had “a negative attitude towards the band from day one, no wonder she is going solo, because it had always been all about Jane since she was little”, in an argument last week. This left Jane indignant and distressed.

All Jane had to say about the baleful matter was "You've opened an unnecessary can of worms. For all you are my brother I shall never speak to you again, after all I’ve done for you. You’ve just gone and stabbed me in the back. I am deeply offended by what you said to me. For what it is worth, it’s not even true. If you had one thing to back up what you were saying I'd be interested but you don't.”

Subsequent to catastrophe, Jane has formerly left the band – The Photographers, and not only for the reasons which her brother stated. “There’s always two sides to every story”, Jane affirmed.

Jane Lynxx the lead singer has gone solo. When Jane was asked a couple of months previous to the split what she thought of the bands future, she told Coda “Everything is all in context. There aren't any new songs currently out because we don't write music just for the sake of it. At the same time, tomorrow maybe we will. We will stop being The Photographers when it stops being fun. Currently, we're are looking in to doing a tour for Charlie’s 10th anniversary, which will be amazing.” So where did it all go wrong?

The paparazzi; this is what drove Jane to the very edge. Hoping to get any tiny detail of gossip from Jane’s housekeeper, two paparazzi accosted Laya (Jane’s housekeeper) at a taxi rank, offering her £9,000 for bits of information on the band’s new album, gossip within the band and her home life. Other paparazzi camped outside Jane’s house, photographing her coming and going with her children. Jane chokingly told Coda “One wonders which tabloids in this country would actually buy photos of a mother taking her young boys to school on a daily basis.” Also, that she used to sit in the darkness of her own home, shamefully hoping for her fiancé – Actor Byran Greenburg – to arrive home from his shootings of One Tree Hill so she could just relax in safe hands. After asking Jane why this made her leave the band, she replied “You as a journalist yourself, would know what it is like to follow someone around insignificantly, day and night, just to make a living [sighs]. Whilst on the other hand none of you realise the danger and terror you put someone through, stalking them. The pressure of having stalkers, paparazzi, animosity in the band, and weak links in your personal life just pushed me to the brink and that is why I gave up. The band weren’t getting on as well, everyone apprehended the friction”.

Jane is moving on from all of this paradoxical nonsense and starting from square one again. “Soon I’ll be back at the top, where I’ll have proven to myself and others that all I needed was time, space, something else other than friction and bickering.” Jane quoted, chirpily. The next phase of The Photographers - without Jane Lynxx, is yet to be announced. There is nothing on their calendar so far for 2010. The next major benchmark for the band will be in 2011. Where they will be playing in January 2011, which will mark the 10th anniversary of when Charlie joined the band in 2001.

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