Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I constructed a questionnaire, so that my target audience and others could have an impact and say on what happened within my magazine. This was to see what people expected in a typical magazine in nowadays. The Questions asked..

♪ - How old are you? There was two under fifteens, nine fifteen to twenty fives and, one over twenty five. This meant that my music magazine could have the target audience of fifteens to twenty five year olds, as this is who completed my survey.

♪ - What is your gender?There were four males and eight females. This suggests that my music magazine will have the influence of females, since there were more females that perfected my questionnaire. Although the gender doesn't really matter within a music magazine, as it should really be based to face any gendered audience, it is best to know what gender has put a say into your magazine as they have taken the questionnaire.

♪ - What type of magazine interests you most?Most of the surveyors said that music and real life magazines attracted them most. So this is how I know that my magazine will attract the audience that answered my survey. I could also mix real life and music together to ensure their interests were fully recognised and notified. This would please my audience.

♪ - What do you look for in a magazine?Out of the seven selections given most people opted for the real life stories, interesting interviews and reviews of that week. This shows that a music magazine would be able to hold all of this information under the some context. As it would be able to have interviews and reviews of artists and also have real life stories of things within the music industry. So it would be suited for my target audience as it would suit there needs of a magazine.

♪ - When do you expect a magazines next issue to come out? All of the surveyors opted for weekly and fortnightly. When a magazine is published weekly or fortnightly the audience becomes more addicted and can't wait for the next issue to be pursued. Having a weekly/fortnightly magazine maintains its name because the issues are different every week making the audience think it must be good since its maintained its weekly out come.

♪ - What are the names of the magazines you read now?Surveyors commented this, and said they read magazines in the context of real life. Such as 'OK!', 'Look', 'Pick me up', 'Closer' and only one person said they actually read music magazines such as 'Kerrang' and 'Mojo'. This suggests my surveyors like a girly view on a music magazine. Such a s chart music, not rock or heavy metal. As heavy metal tends to be a bit male, other than female. This is why; I’m contemplating making a chart music magazine, rather than other types of music.

♪ - What would you expect typically in a modern day music magazine?All of the people that took their time to perfect my survey said they liked freebies in their magazines, such as demos of new CD's, posters and often prizes to be won. Also they commented on the content within the magazine, like, they expect to find: reviews, interviews, adverts, pictures, the new chart music of the time, interesting music facts, and oddly, they said they would like to hear/read about the artists themselves, meaning, interesting facts and cringe-worthy stories, as they must find this appealing.

♪ - What name do you think best suits a music magazine?There was a choice of five names: Coda, Chart, MIDI, Etude, and Mute. Out of the twelve people that took my survey the majority of them added that 'CODA' was the best suited name for my magazine. 'Coda' meaning 'the ending of a piece of music. This may be very short, but in a composition on a large scale may be extended.' So it is a musical term, which makes it even better for the title.

♪ - What type of music do you like most?Most people picked chart music. So it will be best to base the magazine on chart music, to suit there needs.

♪ - Any other comments? The surveyors stated that I should create a typical yet quirky music magazine.

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