Monday, 15 March 2010



♪ - This was my final front cover of the music magazine.
♪ - I used brushes to create the ink splatters in the background.
♪ - I tilted the hooks, to make it look more unique.
♪ - I outlined Josie to give a more Indie feeling. it also emphasises her, and alerts more attention to her.
♪ - I boxed 'Jane Lynxx: Going Solo :(' because this is the feature article, and this is the article the cover girl is supporting.
♪ - I created a bar at the top with some featuring information in because this is a typical convention of magazines in nowadays. It can either be at the top of the cover or the bottom. Like in Kerrangs magazines. CLICK HERE


- I changed the image due to the fact the other one was slightly blurry. I like this one as she has a better stance and also she has a prop, making it more interesting.
♪ - I changed the colour scheme a little although i still kept it blue tones.
♪ - I added a barcode, price, date, and website. As these are typical conventions of a front cover on a magazine.
♪ - I kept the same type of font for the title and size as i thought it was an ideal size. Although i did change the colour of it to make it fit in better.
♪ - I removed the 'Jane Lynxx Goes Solo' as i didn't think it went well with the new image i had chosen.


♪ - I tried to use this image of Josie as the cover model, but when i looked closely, although the image is perfect for my genre, it was blurry around her eyes.
♪ - Its unique because it is taken from above on a medium/close-up angle. This image also fits in because she is wearing the same clothes as she is in my main feature article, which is often common in magazines today.
♪ - I chose to stick with the typical colour scheme i am using throughout the magazine - blue. I find this colour scheme to be headed at both sex's. Although it might be seen as a more masculine colour, having a female model balances it out.
♪ - The name of the magazine 'CODA' is in large,bold, capital letters at the top of the magazine cover, so it can be easily read and easily spotted. The model covers a little aspect of the title, but not much, so it can still be fully recognisable.
♪ - The writing on the image 'Jane Lynxx goes solo', drags the reader in, and it's also the title of the feature article. I did the writing on the image to give the magazine a bit of its own uniqueness this also has a quirky aspect of Indie Bands i think.
♪ - I never finished the cover, as i knew it would be pointless seen as the image wasn't perfect and the hooks would then need to be changed to fit around the new image.

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