Monday, 15 March 2010



♪ - This was one of my final drafts of the contents page. Inspired by NME's layouts. .CLICK THIS.
♪ - I added boxes to emphasise certain areas, such as the 'In CODA this week' section and the 'Editors Message'.
♪ - Still i kept the blue colours and used female models as tried to make it suit both sexes.
♪ - I edited the main images of Josie and you can see what i did from the post above.
♪ - I used typical conventions of contents pages by: using a selected amount of fonts, and size of fonts. This is to keep it simple and to make the more important information stand out where needed.


♪ - Secont attempt. This wasn't as bad, but still looks too plain.
♪ - Now that the 'Editors Message' is a lot smaller, we can see what the main features are. I changed the model for the 'Editors Message' as i thought the other image was grainy and had too much light in her face.
♪ - I changed the title so that it was straight and fit right across the screen. Also, i put 'CODA' above it as in magazines such as NME, Red and Cosmopolitan.


♪ - This was my first draft of 'CODA' contents page.
♪ - It is very simple. Yet still sticks to the blue colour scheme.
♪ - The 'Message from the editor' is too large for the single page contents page as it takes alot of space up. and the image of the editor inside it is too large. As people would begin to think this person was more important.
♪ - I didn't like how the title 'CODA CONTENTS' was glowing so much. Also, how it was on a slight angle.
♪ - Although the editor is looking straight at the audience, this is the only image on the contents making it look dull and boring.
♪ - The background was to boring and the page doesn't have enough conventions on.

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