Tuesday, 9 March 2010


♪ - This is my second attempt at a magazine front cover for Heworth Grange.I started by changing the name of the title to 'Heworth Sixth' since this is a magazine faced at Heworth’s' sixth formers. I still kept the 'swirled' writing because the contrast makes both words stand out. It’s also a contrast against the old style of writing and modern.
♪ - I slightly moved the image along, so I could fit smaller images on the cover, thus being a hook for the story inside of the magazine. The model still has all the typical conventions of a magazine, where she is looking directly at the camera, to draw the audiences in.
♪ - I added more detail into the cover, such as, the amount of writing on the page. This is because I thought it looked to plain and simplified in the last attempt. Making some text bigger makes the reader think that, that article is more important, making them want to read on. So after adding the text and sub-pictures I began to fit them around the image to make it look like a typical modern day magazine, of which I’m inspired by.
♪ - A
dding a prize onto the cover, makes the magazine more popular, seen as though most readers would like to know: how?, why?, when?, and where?I used only to two colours of different shades to keep the colour contrast minimalist.
♪ - The same with the fonts, I only used three fonts, so that the cover didn't look to over the top.I didn't change any of the lighting as I thought it was fine the way it was on the original magazine front cover I made.
♪ - Adding the website to the school magazine, means that the target audience can go onto the internet and find out more about the school and it also helps advertise the school as a whole. I kept the magazine as free for the school, unless it was for an audience wider than the pupils within the school itself, then I would reconsider producing a price.
♪ - Again, including the title 'NEW!' makes the audience want to know more about what is in the magazine, since it’s new, it will look exclusive to this magazine. The age range for my magazine is for sixth formers, aged sixteen to eighteen. Although it could be modified to be a school magazine, not just fixated on the age range of sixth formers.
♪ -
I never used any colloquial language on the cover or contents of my pre-lim because the school would not agree with this sort of language to be revealed on a piece of the school. It would give a bad statement to the discipline of the school.
♪ - There is no sense of rebellion or style to the magazine, but you can see that the magazine is based at the target audience of sixth formers (16-18 year olds) and has no predominant gender. Although, the model is female, the colour scheme could be seen as male, hence forth it is not gender based.

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