Tuesday, 9 March 2010


♪ - This was my first attempt at creating my pre-luminary project.
♪ - The first thing I did to start off my magazine cover, was to find an attractive, typical front cover model (pretty model, close up/ angled, piercing eyes, nice skin and generally just a gorgeous face).
♪ - I took into consideration the Marjorie Ferguson theorem (categorising facial expressions), the model I found had the super- smiler and invitational facial expression. I found this image to be perfect for the magazine, as she will drag in the audience, by her expression.
♪ - The age range of the model is accurate for the conventions of the magazine.
♪ - The reason I took the picture at this angle and as a close up, is because it made her eyes stand out. Eyes catch the reader’s attention straight away; this is the main communication method. She's looking straight at the audience, to drag them in.
♪ - Also, her body language shows she's happy and content to be in the school. I never left much space around the picture because this adds impact. And leaving less space for hooks made me prioritise the stories and add the best ones or more attention seeking to the cover, making the reader want to read on.
♪ - I used three kinds of fonts on this pre-lim project, which will be the ideal amount as too many will overcrowd, confuse and look busy on the magazine.
♪ - The lighting makes the model look brighter and happier, and this is noticeable and shows a more professional side to the cover of the magazine. I had to cut out Sabjit from the background she was on, and soften the edges so she didn't look too sharp. I didn’t airbrush her or distort the brightness/ contrast on the image like professional magazines do. This showing that the magazine is amateur, which it should be, hence its only a school magazine.
♪ - What's more, I added the headline/title. I used a modern text to create the boldness of the 'Heworth' name and a more traditional (swirled) text for the creation of 'Grange'. I used two different sorts of texts to make a major contrast and for the title to stand out. I used two different colours because the contrasts make the title work and also, they are the schools colours.
♪ - I furthered my magazines conventions, yet, I never added a bar code or price, however I added ‘Free’ to the magazine. I did this because I don’t think a school magazine should have a price to it, since it’s information of what is going on in school. I think this all works, but it could be a less sophisticated name/title?
♪ - I then added the 'Sixth Form' in the bottom right hand corner. This could be too undistinguished and a little out of place at the bottom? Can you really realise it is a school magazine for sixth formers? Are the colours correct for the portraying of the magazines scheme?

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