Tuesday, 9 March 2010


For the title of my music magazine, I researched possible names which are inspired musically. I conducted a survey to find out which one was best appealing to my target audience. This way my magazine will be suited for the people who will notice it.

Coda : A coda is the ending of a piece of music. This may be very short, but in a composition on a large scale may be extended.

Etude : An tude is a study, intended originally for the technical practice of the player. Later, composers elevated the tude into a significant piece of music, no mere exercise.

Chart : The charts are ratings of the popularity of popular-music records, usually based on nationwide sales for a given week.

Midi : Musical Instrument Digital Interface: a standard means of sending digitally encoded information about music between electronic devices, as between synthesizers and computers.

Mute : Mute is used to muffle the sound of an instrument, by controlling the vibration of the bridge on a string instrument or muffling the sound by placing an object in the bell of a brass instrument.

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