Wednesday, 10 March 2010


♪ - The next magazine i will analyse is Vibe which features Beyonce Knowles as the cover model. The intense colours of red and black are used to give a sharp and contrasting look to the magazine.
♪ - There is only two fonts used to keep it simple. Celebrities’ names are featured on the magazines cover; this is to sell the magazine. If the reader sees these names on the cover it pursued them to read inside to find out more about the celebrities.
♪ - Vibe used this photo of Beyonce in a sexual pose. She is wearing a wet, provocative, tight and sexy clothing which is very revealing and shows her curves. They use Beyonce on the front as she is an attractive female and Naomi Wolf (1990) said erotic images of women are used to sell products to women. Hooks are added around the picture – which is central and the model is looking straight at the audience drawing them in – these little hooks are glimpses at the inside stories, the bigger the hook, the bigger the importance.
♪ - ‘Beyonce strips down for summer’ has connotations of nakedness, although it doesn’t mean this when the reader takes a look inside. They use this sort of language to draw in the audience. Which male wouldn’t want to see Beyonce nude? But as a matter of fact Vibe use this language to pursued and you wouldn’t actually find Beyonce nude or stripping down. The plain background gives Beyonce more emphasis.

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