Tuesday, 9 March 2010


♪ - I then, took it into my consideration, that if I wish to create a modern day chart music magazine, that I would have to research music magazines that were out today..
♪ - This magazine 'Blender' is quite a well known magazine, which features Taylor Swift as the ‘sexually attractive female’ cover girl. Blender only uses two colours of font, black and blue. They do this for emphasis, also having the writing on a white background, make the writing stand out and look bold and important. There are two fonts which are clear and easily readable are used, which is a common convention for magazines.
♪ - The title 'Blender' is bold and much larger so it stands out as it is the name of the magazine; this is typical as the title of the magazine is one of the main features. There is a strike through the name which makes it recognisable. Half of 'Blender' is covered and there is writing on top of Taylor Swift’s head but we don't loose any of the photographs and it is a well known magazine so it can afford to loose some of the title and it is still recognisable as ‘Blender’.
♪ - The bar code and website are not on, yet I believe it will have been at the bottom of the page, where the page has been chopped off. There are hooks for stories that are featured inside the magazine, these are set quite spaced out so they are easier to read and they are needed because this is a common convention for magazines to have hooks and they can also have them above the magazine name, as a special or exclusive hook to come to the magazine. 'Tech Special' is in an arrow pointing downwards which is eye catching and different, and tells the audience that there is a ‘special’ piece of information in the magazine on technical things.
♪ - There is a bolder and much larger font used for ‘Taylor Swift' this helps draw attention and shows that it is one of the main feature articles within the magazine. Colour is used in this hook, because it makes the writing stand out from the typical black writing and hooks the reader onto wanting to read more about the cover girl.
♪ - The model is seen as a sexually attractive woman because of her pose. This is used to draw in the reader as she has tight, provocative clothing on and her facial expression senses invitation and sexual. She is staring straight at the camera, which is a majorly used convention of any magazine.

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