Tuesday, 9 March 2010


♪ - Marjorie Ferguson (1980) identified four types of facial expression in the cover photos of British woman's magazines.
♪ - Chocolate Box: half or full-smile, lips together or slightly parted, teeth barely visible, full or three quarter face to the camera. Projected mood: warm bath warmth, where uniformity of features in their smooth perfection is devoid of uniqueness or of individuality.
♪ - Invitational: on this pose the emphasis is on the eyes. The mouth is shut with only a hint of a smile (teeth barely showing at times), head to one side slightly. The mood is suggestive of mischief or mystery, the hint of contact potential rather than sexual promise.
♪ - Romantic or sexual: Dreamy, heavy-lidded and unsmiling. Overtly sensual or sexual. The projected moods are possibly 'available' and definitely 'available'. Often clothing is limited or props are used.
♪ - Super smiler: this is of a full face with a wide open smile with teeth visible. Looking happy and giving off a good vibe. The Head is forward and the chin is back. Hair is often wind blown and suggests 'Look at me' approach.

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