Tuesday, 9 March 2010


♪ - I created a double contents page, because in my opinion, the contents page is where the audience will read most. Having a bigger, brighter (more colourful), attractive pages, creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere for the reader. You wouldn't really want to read on, in a magazine, if the first page you come across is hopeless, dull and boring.
♪ - Violets head has relevance because she is a typical sixth form student, and with the magazine being fixated with students, she will drag attention to the magazine.
♪ - You can tell she is slightly smiling, and this could be because she is happy to be where she is, smug, and happy about what she is doing or where she is. This creates a pleasant atmosphere in the magazine.
♪ - I used two fonts and two font colours; it fits in with the schools cover scheme.
I moved the model to the far right hand side of the double page contents page, to leave more space for the actual writing and information held in the magazine.
♪ - Underneath the actual number and what is on the page, I included a line of information on the story, to attract the reader into reading the page.The cityscape at the top of the page is there because within the magazine, there is a chance to win a trip to Vancouver, and with the city of Vancouver being at the top, it makes the audience want to read further.

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